Stonehouse Heritage

Footprint has begun working with Stonehouse History Group on the design of ten interpretation panels for the parish. These will be sited at key locations and tell the story of the historic heritage of the parish. It is hoped that they will eventually form a Heriage Trail which people can follow, supported by printed and online resources.

Cricklade Heritage Trail

There are already over a dozen interpretation panels at locations around the small town and civil parish of Cricklade in Wiltshire which trace the town’s Saxon origins through to the present day. There are still five more to come. The National Nature Reserve of North Meadow is on the edge of the town and the Cotswold Water Park is very close by, so the nature of the area is also celebrated in the interpretation.

Panel designs are currently underway for:

  • Bracknell Forest Council
  • Cotswold Conservation Board Wardens
  • Bournemouth Borough Council
  • South Molton Community Woodland, Devon
  • Kempsford Parish Council, Wiltshire

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